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Integrated Therapeutic Massage

(Blending Clinical Assessment and Relaxation)

This course focuses on a full body, structural approach delivered in a relaxation/therapeutic setting.
The purpose is to educate the massage therapist to do assessment informally to determine muscular imbalances and then treat them in a way that they can duplicate for each treatment and each client.

Orthopedic/Medical Massage I

(Professional Level)

Learn the most common techniques that a medical massage practitioner should utilize when looking for immediate results on the most complicated conditions. Our practical teaching style will put you in scenarios to better understand your client’s needs. Learn better muscle mechanics to prolong your career and earn your maximum potential!

Orthopedic/Medical Massage II

(Masters Level)

Take your medical massage practice to the next level with this interactive course.  We will cover assessments and treatment skills commonly taught in four year physical medicine degree programs.  In addition, we will share marketing strategies to help you increase your physician referrals.  The information that will be shared with you is based on our personal success building Orthopedic/Medical Massage Clinics.

Orthopedic/Medical Massage III


The Advanced Medical Massage class is designed for previous Medical Massage students who want more emphasis on understanding the concept of whole body alignment and the role structural dysfunction plays in developing painful musculoskeletal problems.  We help fine tune charting skills and physician reporting.  Students will be provided with a business checklist and given feedback on their marketing material.

TMJ & Manual Approaches to TMD

(Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand the anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology related to TMJ.  They will learn to recognize risks, provide manual therapy, and understand self-help techniques for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction.



“I don’t, personally, bill insurance but the insurance class was one of the best modules in this course. Knowing what you can do isn’t the same as understanding how the system works and knowing best practices. Since taking the class I’m more prepared to answer questions from both clients and therapists about the relationship between the LMT and insurance companies. I am also in a better position to advocate for changes in legislation to improve those same relationships in my individual state. If you are on the fence, consider this the nudge you were needing to go for it!”

J.T., Insurance & Billing

“I just want to thank you for the dvd.  I have had the opportunity to watch it and know that it will improve my massage techniques ten fold.  I will be ordering the other educational dvds that you have available and hope to take a physical class with you soon.

Again thank you so much for sending this DVD.  Fabulous!  I am sure that your clients are forever grateful for your care and compassion as well as informed touch.”

L.G., LMT, Orthopedic/Medical Massage I DVD Purchaser

“I really enjoyed Joël’s instruction and teaching style.  I look forward to the advance classes as I feel it will open up more opportunity for more new information.  I do not want to minimize what LMT classes have done for me in my career.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without these classes.”

C.P., Neck

“TC – hands down best instructor that I have had.”

J.G., Back

“This was a great refresher or re-introduction to structure.  I haven’t dealt with it since school over four years ago.”

Anonymous, Posture & Pain

“I really loved the forearm & hand techniques. The shoulder techniques were good too, I just have to really refresh my anatomy.”

Anonymous, Upper Extremities

“Pleasantly surprised about the skill and quality. TC is an excellent instructor who has superior knowledge yet doesn’t take herself too seriously. Definitely a must take class for anyone who wants to excel at a therapeutic career.”

Anonymous, Lower Extremities

“Wonderful! Very thorough. Demonstrates and checks on us to make sure we are doing right!”

M.S., Advanced Medical Massage

“So much wonderful, useful info. Absolutely love Joël – fun, well-informed, had an awesome experience.”


“This was my first introduction on how to bill through different insurance companies for massage therapy or manual therapy, it was extremely informative.”

K.C., Insurance & Billing

“Not sure how it could be any better. Well organized, great visuals, excellent assistance as well as classroom space.”

D.L., Neck

“Honestly this material was presented in such a user friendly, completely understandable, easy way.  This is an area that has always been uncomfortable for me and coming out of the class I feel excited to start working with it and really trying.”

M.S., Posture & Pain

“I appreciate the variations taught. Different techniques to achieve the same outcome is extremely helpful for modification for different body types.”

Anonymous, Upper Extremities

“I have learned a lot on how to improve my practice providing manual therapy with physician referrals. We have a lot we can do in my clinic to improve assessment, treatment, and documentation. Thank you! I look forward to continuing in this industry.”

C.P., Lower Extremities

“I love how knowledgeable the teachers are in the classes!”

Anonymous, Advanced Medical Massage

“This is my 3rd TMJ class in 17 years practice. I learned many things that I didn’t in any of the other classes. By far the best TMJ class I have taken.”


“Who would’ve thought that anyone could make billing a fun class – well, TC sure did – very informative, I like that it was only the necessities.”

S.M., Insurance & Billing

“I loved the check-ins to make sure I was in the right place on the right path.”

M.S., Neck

“I felt I received new, pertinent and applicable information today. The speed that we received info was also very good.”

C.P., Posture & Pain

“This class was AMAZING! Teachers and TA’s amazing!! Got to see it, got to feel it, got to do it, and got corrections on what I was doing.  I couldn’t ask for a better experience! Thank you!!”

M.S., Upper Extremities

“I am blessed and privileged to meet TC and Joël! All the TA’s were a lot of help. I will definitely be registering in the future for more classes! This week has been exhausting but VERY EXCITED TO BE IN THIS CLASS! I love TC’s sense of humor, she is an excellent mentor!

A.S., Lower Extremities

“This was a great seminar. I feel I learned a lot about both business and new techniques for helping people that have had problems I have not had success with yet. I also really enjoyed having two instructors. Getting two takes on how to do a move was helpful.”

T.F., Advanced Medical Massage

“This is excellent and with practice I look forward to being very successful with this training.”


“Learning a lot. Appreciate that you read the evaluations, adjust and respond when appropriate. I have many ways to improve my business going forward.”

C.P., Upper Extremities

“Fantastic class! The techniques for the quads, feet, and calves were really great – I can definitely implement them into my sessions.

K.C., Lower Extremities

Meet Our Instructors

Joël Romig

L.M.T., M.M.P.,

Orthopedic/Manual Therapist

Joël began her bodywork training in 1989. She has an extensive background in sports massage working at the Olympics, US Track & Field Championships, and other world-class sporting events. She has also applied her expertise working with NASA, the US Army and the Air Force Community Services. As well as addressing sports and orthopedic issues Joël is experienced working with chronic illnesses, neurological syndromes, and auto-immune disorders.

In addition to sports massage Joël is trained in several techniques including Russian, Medical, NMT/ trigger point, Craniosacral, and Massage Cupping. Blending a background in mechanical engineering with her bodywork training results in a unique approach to addressing body mechanics and postural issues.

Joël also has a passion for educating and mentoring other massage therapists. Recognizing the need for a bridge between “relaxation massage” and physical therapy, she enjoys training others in the remedial and rehabilitative massage techniques.


  • New Mexico State University: Bachelor of Individualized studies: Human Health and Behavior

  • Crystal Mountain Massage School: Apprenticeship in the Healing Arts

  • University of Natural Medicine: Studies in Pain Management

Areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Sports/Performance Massage

  • Neuromuscular/Trigger Point

  • Craniosacral

  • Russian Medical Massage

Tamlynn (T.C.) Cameron

B.S., Kinesiologist, L.M.T., M.M.P.,

Orthopedic/Manual Therapist

For 2 decades T.C. has been an International Medical Massage Instructor, as well as a Certified Orthopedic Massage Specialist. Her passion for educating massage therapists in the field of rehabilitation was inspired by her journey healing injuries incurred as a high school and college athlete. Sensing that “relaxation massage” would not heal these injuries she has fervently searched for the most effective, cutting edge techniques to help people out of pain and then gone on to teach them to other therapists.

A University of North Texas graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. TC has worked primarily in the field of Sports Medicine and Manual therapy for the last 20 years. Her teaching experience includes Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, and manual therapy techniques. In the clinic she works with the most complicated cases. Her approach is mainly “structural” Looking at posture, body mechanics, strength/flexibility balance as well as holding patterns due to stress, ergonomics/body mechanics.


  • University of North Texas: Bachelors of Science-Kinesiology

  • Massage Therapy Certification- Body Mechanix School of Massage

  • Orthopedic Massage Specialist- Center for Pain Management

  • Medical Massage Practioner- L.M.T. Success Group

  • A.R.T. –Active Release Technique- Spine

  • Massage Cupping –ACE Cupping

Areas of expertise in manual therapy are as follows:

  • Neuromuscluar/Trigger Point therapy

  • Myofascial Release

  • Massage Cupping Therapy

  • Kinesiology-study of human movement

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • Deep Tissue


"I always enjoy my visits and leave feeling better both physically and mentally.  All of the therapists employ their own style of massage in order to make each session a unique, positive, healing experience.  TC, Derrick, Matt, and Tonya have all provided me not only with excellent massages, but also knowledge on self-care in order to alleviate pain between visits."


"I have been receiving treatment from ABW for several years and for several months from Derrick to treat chronic neck and back pain that is aggravated by my job.  Derrick has helped me maintain flexibility and reduced pain at work and has helped me through an acute period of back spasms by being sensitive to my needs, aware of my history, and using a variety of techniques to address my specific problems."


"I've been suffering for several months with no relief.  After the first visit with Derrick, my pain was less and I felt so much better.  Now I've had three visits and I can move without pain again."


"I rely on massage and manual therapy to give me relief from my spinal stenosis.  The therapy I receive at ABW allows me to work and travel with minimal pain."


"I am extremely satisfied by the care I receive from Matt and Tonya.  They provide excellent treatments that help me with my pain."

Dr. C.

"I appreciate the time each therapist takes to explain things. The work feels tailored to my needs each time."


"The therapist worked on my shoulder and neck, eliminating the pain and tightness.  The discomfort in my lower back that I thought was chronic has also gone away!"


"Matt is professional and attentive.  I've seen him for many years now and he always helps me with aches and pains.  He surprises me every time."


"I was adamantly opposed to massages, but T.C. has done a wonderful job of teaching me why they are needed.  I highly recommend it." 


"My sweet 82-year-old mom has had two sessions with Joël Romig.  The results are nothing short of amazing.  Mom has scoliosis and arthritis and was really bent over.  This morning I noticed on our daily walk that Mom was standing almost completely straight--a noticeably significant difference!  What a wonderful Mother's Day gift.  Joël, you're the best!  I've been singing your praises to everyone that will listen.  Expect a lot of referrals.  We are super impressed with you and Advanced Bodywork!"


"I have been receiving manual lymphatic drainage treatment from ABW for about a year now.  I have seen constant improvement with every session.  The therapy I have received from Tonya Cary has been remarkable and the explanation on the lymphatic system has given me knowledge on the treatment I am receiving.  This has given me relief from chronic swelling and has allowed me to live a more comfortable life."



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Advanced Bodywork & Massage is widely recognized as a regional leader in Orthopedic / Medical Massage. Our Therapists have received specialized training in Orthopedic/Medical Massage and in sub specialty areas, within the field of manual therapy. In addition, our team of highly skilled Therapists can assess and treat even the most complicated painful conditions and develop a treatment plan with the goal of getting you out of pain and active again.

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