Tipping Etiquette

ABW strives to set ourselves apart from the average “spa” by providing clinical manual therapy and medical massage therapy. This distinction raises questions of tipping etiquette from some of our clients.

“Is tipping appropriate?  Is tipping expected?”

Tipping at ABW is never expected or required. ABW therapists will provide the same level of detailed care whether they are tipped or not.

Clients who use our services for general, “maintenance” treatments often tip as they would at a spa.

Clients coming in for medical care often view us as they do their physical therapists, and thus don’t tip.  Clients who tip after “medical” treatments need to be aware that tips are not allowable nor reimburse-able from insurance or through the FSA, HSA, or HRA accounts. If you plan to submit an invoice to your insurance the invoice total will reflect charges for services only and will not include any tip that was charged. If you pay for treatment with an FSA, HSA, or HRA card, you cannot charge tip on that card.

Common tips run 10-20% or $10-$20.  Cash tipping is a common practice.  Tips on credit card will be a separate transaction.